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 12 Scary Truths About Your Allergies

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12 Scary Truths About Your Allergies Empty
PostSubject: 12 Scary Truths About Your Allergies   12 Scary Truths About Your Allergies EmptyTue Nov 27, 2012 12:13 pm

Everyone needs alerted to this info, imo... Have allergies? I do.

Your Body Can't Handle Modified Foods

Since the first genetically-modified food was created in 1994, food allergies have risen drastically -- and many say that's no coincidence. Genetically-altered foods may appear the same to the naked eye, but the human body knows better; it calls the food out as a foreign substance, and responds with an allergic reaction. You're not allergic to apples -- you're allergic to man-made apples, according to However, Monsanto, one of the larger makers of GM seeds, points out there is not evidence linking GM food and allergies. ( Page Cool

Go here - read and click the photo arrow on right to view all:
Starting at page one.

It's hard changing eating habits -what we are so used to eating --- but my family and I have been working at it -slowly changing our ways, now taking time to read labels , etc. ...Food imo is so tainted -too many chemicals are added, etc. And these mods are causing probs instead of helping!
I personally like to choose my OWN poisons myself. They don't need to be messing with -modifying our food ! but ah their pocketbooks are more important.

Anyway, this is an interesting read not just about food - wanted to alert you guys. We want to boost on our immunity not destroy it!

ETA: to edit link to tart at page one.
Initial post started on page 8. Re review if you missed.

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12 Scary Truths About Your Allergies
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