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 Last Man Standing. WR#1

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As he awoke in the rubble he realized that his greatest fear had come true. The prophecy had come to fruition and he may be the last man standing. He lurched himself up through the rubble of what used to be his home and began to look around. He first noticed the ominous grey color that had encompassed the sky for as far as the eye could see. He next noticed the thick film of ash that was covering every surface that was left exposed. He wondered just what had happened. The last thing he could remember was lying next to that crackhead hooker he brought home from the bar the night before. She was nowhere to be seen. This almost made him happy as he was regretting putting on his beer goggles just hours ago. This was not a time for his head to be foggy.

He wandered out and began to walk in the direction of the nearest town. He had no water, no food, and no weapons to protect himself or to hunt with. There was not a living thing to be seen anywhere around. All of the vegitation lay lifeless and deteriorating in the heavily damaged environment. As he walked over the bridge into town he saw that the water in the river had turned into a grey sludge and was nowhere near drinkable. He was already dehydrated from the alchohol consumption the night before. He knew he was in trouble. He managed to find a few buildings with undamaged basements in town. But when he turned on the faucets nothing came out. The pipes were all clogged with sludge and completely unusable.

He decided he needed to look for other survivors. He needed to get help to find water. He knew he could not survive very long without it. He wandered the town calling out in hopes he would here another voice. He heard nothing. The world was as quiet as he had ever heard. No sounds of birds, insects, humans, or life in general. By now his worry was reaching an alarming level. He thought to himself. "Could I really be the only one left? If so why did I survive" He sat down on the courthouse steps with not a thought or idea in his mind.

He stayed on those steps as the light faded from the sky not knowing what the future had in store for him. Eventually he curled up in a corner and fell asleep. He awoke in the morning to the brightest sky he has ever seen. He immediately felt the burning on his skin. He could feel it increasing as the sun rose higher in the sky. It was as if the sky was burning away the grey decore of the previous day. He was becoming overwhelmed with the burning sensation so he made his way to the basement of the courthouse. As he went down the stairwell he noticed that the temperature was also rising. When he got to the basement he found a welding helmet in some construction gear and went to look out the window at the rising sun. He could see the arms of plasma that were extending off of the sun. It looked as if the sun was alive.

It was at this time he realized the hard truth. He would not survive. He may have been the last man standing on the 21st, but by the 22nd not a thing would be left on the planet except burnt rock. He just sat down in the center of the room and began to prey. He then took out his last shot of Makers Mark and downed it with a smile on his face. He looked up and said out loud, "It's time to leave this place." Within moments he was consumed by fire as the sun unleashed her awsome power throughout the solar system.

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Last Man Standing. WR#1
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