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 TSA Looking To Gain More Power And Control

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TSA Looking To Gain More Power And Control Empty
PostSubject: TSA Looking To Gain More Power And Control   TSA Looking To Gain More Power And Control EmptySat Dec 15, 2012 1:54 am

Well, I knew this was coming as did many others. Just like any government agencie they sneak in little bits and pieces under the radar that give them ultimate power. To me this just sounds all too familiar. Nazi Germany anyone? Only this time their technology is a bit better. Pretty soon you will not be ablt to do a thing in this country without being under full and constant surveiliance. This of course sickens me as I consider myself a patriot and I am currently watching the US federal Government steadily becoming the Fourth Reich. When will people wake up and stop falling for the propaganda that is shoved down their throats.


Quote :
McElroy spotlights an application on page 71431 of Volume 77, Number 231 of the Federal Register that “constitutes a preliminary step toward systematically expanding TSA’s authority from airports to highways and almost every other means of public travel.”

The effort will eliminate the ability to travel anonymously around the country and remove “one of the last remaining differences between the US and a total police state,” McElroy writes. “The total police state you experience at airports wants to spill into roads and bus stops, to subways and trains. Or, rather, the TSA wants to solidify and spread the fledgling and erratic presence it already has.”

The application for funding submitted to the Office of Management and Budget explains that the TSA “seeks to establish the current state of security gaps and implemented countermeasures throughout the highway mode of transportation by posing questions to major transportation asset owners and operators.”

Data collected from “major transportation asset owners and operators” will then allow the agency “to provide focused resources and tools to enhance the overall security posture within the surface transportation community.”

Quote :
Random and inept bus station searches conducted to test the public’s willingness to accept unconstitutional searches and theatrical militarized VIPR teams at train stations designed to send a message to mostly timid travelers will soon be a thing of the past.

In the brave new world envisioned by the federal government, all travel in the United States will ultimately require verification and a stamp of approval – in addition to the constant threat of random sexual molestation and body cavity searches. In addition to train and bus stations, the nation’s highways and streets will be closely surveilled with license plate reading and facial recognition technology.

In the former Soviet Union, internal travel was strictly controlled by the state and political heretics were banished to far-flung cities, gulags and mental hospitals. In America, the state is attempting to do the same by stealth as the control freaks in control move to micromanage all aspects of our lives and ferret out any effective opposition to their plan for global domination.

As long as we have a majority of the citizens who are willing to bow down and relinquish their rights under the false pretense of safety they will keep pressing for more control over you. Only we the humble citizens have the power to change these things.

"Uncommon Valor is a Common Virtue"- Admiral Chester A Nimitz
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TSA Looking To Gain More Power And Control
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