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 Flotilla of BLOOD: Muslim/Activist LIES EXPOSED!

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Bob Powell

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PostSubject: Flotilla of BLOOD: Muslim/Activist LIES EXPOSED!   Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:42 pm

This video earned me a "Follow" from Danny Ayalon, the Israeli Deputy Defense Minister.

The "Freedom Flotilla" was NOT just a "Humanitarian" effort. The Mavi Marmara was loaded with not only banned articles such as Gas Masks and Body Armor, but was manned by a group of Shahid Wannabes.

In this video, I have used their OWN WORDS to prove that their main purpose was to force Israel into a "Lose-Lose" situation. They WANTED to be killed in order to bring world-wide condemnation down on the Israelis. I have also proven that the Israelis acted in self defense when they shot the people who were trying to MURDER them, and put the LIE to the "Humanitarian Crisis" in Gaza.

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Flotilla of BLOOD: Muslim/Activist LIES EXPOSED!
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