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 America has failed the 2nd Amendment.

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PostSubject: America has failed the 2nd Amendment.   Mon Jan 21, 2013 6:43 pm

America has failed the 2nd Amendment.

During prohibition the federal government banned alcohol which should be seen as a free man's substance to enjoy and share for whatever reason. The federal government kicked in doors, arrested and killed people and not one shot was fired in the spirit of the 2nd Amendment.

When Rosa Parks refused to get in the back of the bus she was arrested and while this moment went down as a start of the civil rights movement wasn't our country founded on equal rights. Why did some have to fight for such an ideal?

In the 1930s William Randolph Hearst decided he didn't want the competition of hemp interfering with his paper. This rich CEO which had friends high in government which most CEOs today enjoy and went hog wild on demonizing this very useful plant. That never harmed anyone. The first mandatory minimum sentencing law was created because of this:

Mandatory sentencing and increased punishment were enacted when the United States Congress passed the Boggs Act of 1952 and the Narcotics Control Act of 1956. The acts made a first-time cannabis possession offence a minimum of two to ten years with a fine up to $20,000; however in 1970 the United States Congress repealed mandatory penalties for cannabis offences.
September 11, 2001. We all know what happened on that day and regardless of who or what caused this we all now enjoy the never ending wars that it has created. We all know of the TSA and the atrocities they perform on a daily basis. Now, we have drones flying over American skies. Of course there is also the NDAA....

Now with the Internet and cell phone cameras we have been seeing an increasingly disturbing collection of police abuses. War veterans being shot dead in their homes, women being abused on the side of the road, police beatings and harassment that runs rampant with ZERO accountability whatsoever.

We also have a sustained attack on the Internet from our government with who knows what kinds of ramifications. I do know that the Free Antonio Buehler Facebook page has been placed on a watch list along with all of the Cop Block websites which actually had taken a human casualty not so long ago.

Wherever you go people are complaining about the government. Everyone hates Bush then everyone hates Obama. Doesn't matter who the next President is he will be hated.

Everyone of these examples had Americans supporting the use of force to keep other Americans from exercising their natural born freedom to live and be who they are. Prohibition had it's supporters. Racists had their supporters. Anti marijuana groups have their supporters. War, police abuse, clamping down on the Internet all have their supporters.

Each time this happens it is our very own federal government that does the dirty work. And each time Americans turned on Americans and supported the stripping of freedom from one another.

You cannot be a Patriot for this Country while supporting the arrest of your fellow American for having a 30 round magazine. You cannot be a Patriot for this Country while supporting the arrest of your fellow American for being black, yellow, brown or pink. You cannot be a Patriot for this Country while supporting the arrest of your fellow American for using a plant that never killed anyone. You cannot be a Patriot for this Country while supporting the arrest and abuse of your fellow American by some power hungry sadistic cop in uniform. You cannot be a Patriot for this Country while supporting the arrest of your fellow American for organizing a citizen watchdog group that films the police in the streets. You cannot be a Patriot for this Country while constantly seeking to destroy the harmless lifestyles of other peaceful and law abiding Americans who may be gay or happen to make a living the best they can through a labor union.

The People of this Nation have Failed.
We have allowed our representatives to become beholding to corporate interests and big money. We have allowed ourselves to become sheep and cattle. We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated into hating our Country through hating each other.

Threatening your high capacity magazines, flash suppressors, pistol grips, "assault" rifles, black talon rounds and ability to protect yourself from an out of control government means nothing. You simply don't care anymore anyway. All of you, every single one of you including me will drive right by while the government beats a man to death on the streets. You will cheer when your government spends trillions of dollars a year on a war that is over a decade long while booing a hard working American trying to raise a family as a union carpenter.

We have completely lost a sense of country and brotherhood.

No wonder foreigners laugh at us.
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PostSubject: Re: America has failed the 2nd Amendment.   Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:28 am

I agree with much of what you said. The exception I have is that there are some of us doing something about the situations we're in. Those of us who do speak up appear to be the minority but it is our job as patriots to speak for those who can't or even those who won't. By posting here and having your voice heard you are making a difference and are being a patriot. I know it is frustrating to see so many sit by idly while things increasingly decay around us. We had a saying in Iraq; "Complacency Kills" and complacency is no doubt destroying our country as we speak. The majority of the country either is too entrenched into the mainstream lifestyle that they are so comfortable with that they simply do not see the real problems or the need to take action.

True patriots know that it is our duty to speak up no matter how tough the opposition may be. True patriots will never give up. We are at a critical point in our lives here on planet earth. Only time will tell how this will all play out but we must not give up. No matter how many people fall pray to the agendas of our current society we have an obligation to speak up and let them know that there is more out there for them. Most won't listen, and most won't care until tyrrany is kicking in their fromt doors and hauling them off to 're-education camps'.

I believe that those of us who are true American patriots have a better chance now then ever before to take back control of our country. As the Obama administration pushes harder, more citizens are wakng up and realizing that they need to push back. No matter what we must not give up and we must not give in. Keep your head up and force the change you want to see. Together we can all make a difference.

"Uncommon Valor is a Common Virtue"- Admiral Chester A Nimitz
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America has failed the 2nd Amendment.
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