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 State And Local Officials Plan To Defend Citizens From NDAA Detentions And Gun Confiscations.

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PostSubject: State And Local Officials Plan To Defend Citizens From NDAA Detentions And Gun Confiscations.   Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:51 am

Quote :
At the invitation of elected representatives and members of the law enforcement community in Northern Michigan, veteran investigative journalist Bob Powell spoke for half an hour, warning the gathered officials about imminent civil unrest sparked by an EMP attack on the United States during an all-but-inevitable war between Israel and Iran.

The briefing included proof of the Federal government's plan to roundup those unruly citizens that they haven't shot for attempting to escape the death traps that used to be American cities, and their detention in FEMA camps where leaked U.S. Army manuals state that inmates are to be brainwashed with military-style psy-ops.

The officials listened intently as they heard - probably for the first time - about the 1.6 Billion Rounds of hollow point and sniper ammunition the government has purchased, and how Subsection 502 of Presidential Executive Order 13603 allows the President or those he designates to force any U.S. Citizen into slavery.

One of my viewers expressed frustration last Fall when her phone calls and letters to her elected representatives went unanswered, and she asked, "Bobby what else can we do?" All I can say to this dear lady is to reach out to her local government instead of the treasonous scum in Washington, and warn them about the plans of the federal government by sending them the link to the post on my blog:

On February 8th I will be speaking at, and broadcasting The Truth Is Viral LIVE from, the capitol steps in Lansing Michigan as gun owners from that state gather to support the 2nd Amendment, and decry any attempt to ban semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Here is the link to the Pro2A Rally page on Facebook:

Semper Fi,

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It's just a gut feeling, but to be on the safe side make sure that you hook up with TTiV either at the BLOG, on Facebook, Twitter, or the TTiV Forum to be kept informed of any possible move.

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State And Local Officials Plan To Defend Citizens From NDAA Detentions And Gun Confiscations.
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