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 Assault Weapons Ban Introduced To Senate.

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Assault Weapons Ban Introduced To Senate. Empty
PostSubject: Assault Weapons Ban Introduced To Senate.   Assault Weapons Ban Introduced To Senate. EmptyFri Jan 25, 2013 12:24 pm

We have been waiting for this happen and now the ball is rolling. Senator Diane Fienstien has introduced her unconstitutional bill and is hoping it will pass. This bill is a direct violation of our 2nd Amendment rights. Diane Fienstien is a traitor and she should be arrested and charged with treason against the Constitution of the US. Any lawmaker who goes along with this deserves to be charged as a traitor os well. How long are we going to let these attacks on the Constitution continue? If anyone thinks that they will stop with this you are wrong. We the people are under attack from the elitest run government and it will not stop unless we do something about it. Sitting around bitching about the problem does nothing to solve it. I hope to see as many as possible show up to the rallies on February 8th at your state capitol. Let's shout from the rooftops until we are heard. I do not think that this bill will pass the house but with our current fucked up government anything is possible. This is the time people. Write, call, or email your represenatives and tell them you will not stand for unconstitutional laws or any infringment on your rights. Tell them you will not support them if they too step over the line into an unconstitutional area. We the people must be heard and we must be heard now.


Quote :
The bill is likely to face harsh opposition from GOP lawmakers who have already pledged to oppose any new gun control regulations.

But an assault weapons ban has existed before, which gives the senator hope that it can exist again. Her proposal resembles a version of the assault-weapons ban that expired in 2004. Feinstein authored the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban and has long pushed for bringing it back after it expired, but has faced immense opposition from congressional Republicans, many of whom believe the bill would diminish the Second Amendment right to own firearms.

The senator has been drafting this bill ever since the December massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School left 26 people dead, 20 of which were children. Feinstein’s legislation is aimed to prevent another such shooting by keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and by limiting the sales of military-style assault weapons that can quickly massacre dozens of people. The US was host to 15 mass shootings in the year 2012, including the massacre of 12 people in a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., and the massacre of six people in a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis.

“I have worked on this for a long time,” Feinstein said in a USA Today interview. “I’m not a newcomer or a novice to guns.”

After family members of shooting victims displayed photographs of the loved ones they lost, Feinstein wrapped up the briefing with a strong urge to take action.

“Guns designed military use [are] bought all over this country and often used for mass murder. This is really an uphill road. If anyone asked today, ‘Can you win this?’ The answer is, ‘we don’t know,” Feinstein said.

“But only if you stand up, if America rises up, if people care enough to call every member of the House and every member of the Senate and say ‘we have had enough’” can this legislation be enacted, she added.

Feinstein to introduce the bill today in the Senate.

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Assault Weapons Ban Introduced To Senate.
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