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 So My Wife Has Been To See The Phsycic Twice Now.

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So My Wife Has Been To See The Phsycic Twice Now. Empty
PostSubject: So My Wife Has Been To See The Phsycic Twice Now.   So My Wife Has Been To See The Phsycic Twice Now. EmptyWed Feb 06, 2013 12:24 am

Let me first start off by saying that the house I live in was built in 1926 and has had quite a few owners. Some who have perished here and others who have not. Ever since we moved in here I have sensed a presence here from time to time and have even had a few experiences with shadows on the windows at night that resemble the shape of a person.

So my wife has begun to see this phsycic lady and she seems to be fairly legit. Either that or she has a huge recon budget and is a great cold reader. Both could be possible but I tend to keep an open mind. The lady has told her that we do have two spirits living in the house. One is my landlords dead husband who is here to watch over the houses and those who are in them. I am starting to believe this could be true. When the tree fell on my car last week it came down in just the right manner that it stopped when it hit the house. No branches came through the windows, instead they snapped off just right to avoid coming through. I have also noticed doors closing and lights being turned off whn they are not in use by us. When I feel the presence it is not disturbing to me. I never fell uneasy or frightened. I just feel like old Walt is still here poking around from time to time.

My daughter on the other hand has been having issues with being in rooms alone in the house. She is three years old this week and is smarter than any three year old I have ever seen. The phsycic told my wife that she is aware of these spirits and maybe even sees them and that could be why she is scared to be alone in any of the rooms. I find that to be very interesting myself. I have heard that children can see spirits more so than adults so I wonder if this could really be the answer.

The other spirit we have is that of a small dog. This also does not surprise me as I do find dog toys out of place every now and then and sometimes at night things on the floor will get bumped around. I think it is funny if we do have one that is a dog. I wonder if my three living dogs can pick up on that or not.

Anyways just thought I would share. I still don't know what to believe for sure but I do think there are spirits here and they are harmless.

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So My Wife Has Been To See The Phsycic Twice Now. Empty
PostSubject: Re: So My Wife Has Been To See The Phsycic Twice Now.   So My Wife Has Been To See The Phsycic Twice Now. EmptyWed Feb 06, 2013 12:26 pm

Interesting post, Jarhead... thanks for the share.
Residual energy ? If it were a demonic presense, I think you would be scared out of your wits.

We all know there are all kins of charlatans in the psychic field who hope to profit from the 'believers'. My advice is to keep your wife from falling into the trap. The ones who claim their gift as being from God, and profit - this too is wrong to profit from God's gift. Yeah, those that hit the nail on the head", profit from gaining their knowledge from entities outside of God. This is a trap, and can often lead folk astray- down the wrong path in life , and open doors to more confusion and chaos in their lives. Please have her to avoid -get away from that stuff! If anyone really wants to know the future, read the Bible. my2cts. We are not meant to know everything...we are not God, this knowledge would be too great for us to handle. And if God wants you to know something, He WiLL make sure you know WHEN you need to know. He has His perfect timing, and plan.

To share: My mom , when a teenager went to a psychic . They told her she would marry a doctor. She did. I think somehow this triggered her quest to look somehow ---steered her to do this. Unsure if other things were correct in the reading but I became curious...

Eventually, had a couple of psychic readings myself. One was a definite con and the other was pretty spot on: It wasn't just generalizations either. I won't go back again though because I know she is not working with nor doing the Lord God's biddings....

I listen and try my best to follow God's words and warnings.

I am always interested in the paranormal...
Have quite a few stories of hauntings too... Anyway, this is how I feel and what I have learned from MY personal experiences. Could blab further but must run now.

"Sola Juvat Virtus"
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So My Wife Has Been To See The Phsycic Twice Now.
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