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 The Truth About Benghazi

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Bob Powell

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PostSubject: The Truth About Benghazi   Sat Feb 09, 2013 9:49 pm

I have been working on an expose of the terrorist attack on the CIA mission in Benghazi since it became apparent that the Obama administration was lying to the American people (again) about the events surrounding the attack on September 11th 2012.

This is the information I have developed so far, and is the gist of what I intend to report: The mission was attacked by two groups, enemies that banded together to achieve a common goal - attacking Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the CIA outpost; but for completely different reasons. The attacking force was comprised of terrorists from the Libyan Islamist group Ansar al-Shariah and members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC).

Ansar al-Shariah is a Muslim Brotherhood-backed Sunni organization, while the IRGC is Shia. Normally these groups would rather be blowing up each others mosques, but since "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", they banded together on this fateful night to achieve their individual objectives.

For Ansar al-Sharia, their mission was two-fold; to "liberate", for a second time after stealing them from Gadaffi's armories, MANPADS and other missiles that Stevens had just arranged to transfer to Abdulhakim Belhadj and Abdel Hakim al-Hasidi, leaders of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group now fighting to depose Syrian President Assad, and to kidnap Ambassador Stevens in order to exchange him for Omar Abdel Rahman, the so-called "Blind Sheik", one of the al-Qaeda masterminds convicted for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

The Iranians had a different goal in mind. The "Consulate" in Benghazi was actually a CIA safehouse, where unlawful interrogations of foreign nationals were taking place; some of these foreign nationals were members of the IRGC. For the Iranians, this was a rescue mission.

At some time during this debacle, while the Ambassador was missing for about 8 hours, these animals RAPED Ambassador Stevens before, and possibly even after, they murdered him; something about making him a "bitch" in Hell. This was Steven's "punishment" for being a homosexual.

I wanted to publish this now, without attribution, because now that it is out in the public domain "they" can't touch me. The damage has already been done. The interviews I have conducted with CIA spies, whistle-blowers, and other sources have been recorded to multiple discs and are being stored in safe locations. Even if something does happen to me, this information will get out. I have one more interview to do before I publish this episode.

Did someone say the word "Pulitzer?"

God bless, Semper Fi, and Ooh Rah.


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The Truth About Benghazi
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