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 50 State Protest Call 2 Action

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PostSubject: 50 State Protest Call 2 Action   Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:53 pm

Quote :
+++++++++++++UPDATE 2-8-13++++++++++++++
The blizzard has postponed the protest until a later date, tentatively March 20th. This is a good thing as it gives us more time to pressure WBKB into covering it.

In the meantime, you can ask them why they haven't said a word about "famous" crapper The Game's friends calling for my death and the rape of my cancer-stricken wife just because of my personal views on gun control and his blasphemous album art, the same view held by most of WBKB's viewers.

They are going to say, "We can't report on just one side of the story." I was a journalist before most of the employees at WBKB were even born, and I can tell you right now that this excuse is just that; an excuse that they give to the uninformed, journalistic civilians who don't know any better. It's also a lie.

This not just someone's opinion, this is an open investigation at the Sheriff's Office; news. They can go down there and find the report themselves, of course that would require somebody at the station to act like a reporter.

The detective assigned to this case has been doing a fine job with the limited resources he has at his disposal. Please don't call the Alpena County Sheriff's Office to complain that these scumbags haven't been arrested yet because they really are doing all they can. It's the Feds that are dragging their feet.

At the moment it is WBKB that is standing in the way of truth and justice, and it is them to whom you should direct your questions and displeasure. Please do be nice when you call though; nice but firm and insistent. Let them know that you don't buy their excuses and that you will be calling back to check on whether or not they have decided to cover these stories; but please don't make any threats or anything like that, it's totally unnecessary. We have legal means at our disposal that will force WBKB to do the right thing.

The management at WBKB is utterly failing in their responsibility to serve the public interest. No, I take that back, they aren't failing - that would imply that they tried to do something in the first place - they are REFUSING to do anything that might expose the loving, peaceful message of anti-gun proponents; that I should die and my wife should be raped.

Cher, or whoever has been assigned to watch this thread, you had better not stand in my way on this thing. You can stand with me or you can oppose me, it's your choice. Just know that if you choose the wrong side, if you stand with these anti-gun, wife raping, murdering maggots and against me and the truth, I WILL become the biggest pain in the ass that you have ever experienced. If you think the phone calls are bad now, wait until I'm standing out in front of the station with a 10-foot long banner that says "WBKB LIES TO YOU" for a few hours a day.

Then one day soon WBKB is going to have its license renewal hearing. Guess who's going to be in attendance?

I'm NOT going to let this go. The people in your viewing area are my friends, my neighbors, and my family. I will not allow you to lie to them, even when the lies come in the form of purposeful omission. I guarantee you that sooner or later, WBKB is going to cover this story. The only question is, how painful do you want that process to be?

The phone calls will continue until you agree to interview me about this issue. You want to find an opposing viewpoint, fine; but I WILL BE HEARD.

You know my number.

+++++++++END UPDATE+++++++++

I have been walking around town with a huge gun strapped to my thigh distributing flyers for two weeks now and I've informed them of when and where I would be a couple of times. Trust me, in this tiny hamlet that is BIG news.

But WBKB TV11 is refusing to cover this story for political reasons; because they are in the pockets of the Obama administration. They have forgotten that they are required to publish legitimate news as a public service. Please believe me when I say that if they don't call me to arrange an interview this afternoon for TONIGHT'S 6 & 11 p.m. newscasts, the next time their license comes up for renewal I will be at the hearing putting in my .02!

Tweet this video, directed @WBKB11 Then share this video on their Facebook wall too. and on their Youtube page

After you tweet them and post on their wall, GIVE 'EM A CALL! Ask for Cher Allen, the General Manager of the station. The number to the station is (989) 356-3434. Please be nice, but ask whoever you speak with why they refuse to cover this event from a local angle? So far most people have been put on indefinite hold. If you get disconnected, call back! Let's show the good people at WBKB the meaning of the phrase "grassroots activism."

God Bless and Semper Fi,

"Uncommon Valor is a Common Virtue"- Admiral Chester A Nimitz
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50 State Protest Call 2 Action
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