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PostSubject: MATTHEW STEIN : WHEN TECHNOLOGY FAILS   Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:33 am

I watched this interview the other night and found it very interesting. Especially since Bob has covered the EMP angle of what this man is talking about. If you have time I highly suggest giving it a look. I know it is a project camelt video but the information is good and Kerry was very tame and the audio kept her quiet throught the video. You can her Matthew clearly though so it is better that way.

Quote :
Matthew Stein Bio

Matthew Stein is an environmentalist, bestselling author, MIT trained engineer, and green builder. As an inspiring speaker and visionary thinker, he is dedicated to helping people wake up and unite to shift our collective course from collapse to global renaissance. On the practical side of things, as an expert at self-reliance, emergency prep, and survival, his writings and work help people prepare to weather the storms we are facing due to continuing climate change and ecological decline, coupled with a fossil fuel based economy that has recently passed the peak in world oil production and is struggling to cope with impending near-term shortfalls. Stein is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he majored in Mechanical Engineering.

"Uncommon Valor is a Common Virtue"- Admiral Chester A Nimitz
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