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 Outrageous Creepy Alert

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PostSubject: Outrageous Creepy Alert   Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:18 pm

With all that is happening in this world, this makes one go hmmm. Makes ya think!

Vid Description:

Here is the medical terminology for the TB Test on humans, 9th paragraph down

Here is the story of 4500 people [Possibly] infected of drug resistant TB in LA California-
Thousands May Have Been Exposed To Deadly TB Epidemic Downtown:

Creepy Alert :
Video -

The girl's name that was found in the water tank decomposing is Elisa Lam!...God rest her soul....

Oooh and yuck, to think that people were drinking that water...
Here is link on her.,0,3005517.story

Lam Elisa -Elisa Lam .... Strange...

"Sola Juvat Virtus"
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Outrageous Creepy Alert
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