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 Carl Gallups (PPSimmons) Interview

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PostSubject: Carl Gallups (PPSimmons) Interview    Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:37 pm

Part I:

Quote :
Since the dawn of time men have looked out into the universe searching for answers. In the beginning shaman and priests used their eyes to gaze at the stars, and they found an inexplicable clockwork precision; but their observations pale when compared to those of modern man who can now peer up into the furthest reaches of the cosmos, back in time to the beginning of the universe, and down at the very building blocks of matter. Scientists have just announced the discovery of the elusive Higgs-Boson - the so-called "God particle."

Quantum physicists speculate that there are 11 dimensions in the universe, and estimate its age at nearly 14 billion years. According to the Drake Equation there should be 50,000 Earth-like civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy alone. Is it beyond the realm of possibility that somewhere in the vast expanse of the universe that there is an all-powerful Being who exists outside of the four dimensions that humans can observe with their 5 senses?

In this special three-part episode of The Truth Is Viral Pastor Carl Gallups of the PPSimmons Youtube ministry, the best-selling author of the book "The Magic Man in the Sky; Effectively Defending the Christian Faith", uses unassailable logic and science - along with a healthy dose of Scripture - to prove the existence of a Supreme Being

Part II:

Quote :
The science of archaeology evolved from the practice of treasure hunting and the desire of a few to disprove the Bible. The former group has been wildly successful; but the latter group has failed epically. Archaeology has not only failed to disprove any part of the Bible, it has in fact proven stories contained in the Holy Scripture that many had though were nothing but just that; stories.

One of the most well known and commonly used tools of modern-day archaeologist is the use of Carbon-14 to date objects found by diggers. While C-14, or radiocarbon, dating is useful, even the Nobel Prize-winning chemist that discovered the process acknowledges that the results can sometimes be off by 200% or more.

In this second part of a three part interview with Pastor Carl Gallups of the PPSimmons Youtube ministry, the best-selling author of the book "The Magic Man in the Sky; Effectively Defending the Christian Faith", Gallups tackles the subject of ancient civilizations such as Machu Piccu, Puma Punku, Gobekli Tepe, and Yonoguni-jima, and explains how their existence is not in conflict with the belief of most Christians that human history began 6-10,000 years ago; not millions of years ago as claimed by proponents of the theory of evolution.

Part III:

Quote :
They sit on the Council on Foreign Relation, attend the yearly Bilderberg group meetings, and wield tremendous power in the halls of Congress and the Executive branch of the United States government. Some hail from the wealthiest and most influential families on the planet, some have much more modest roots. Some call themselves Democrats, some call themselves Republicans; some are American citizens, some are dual citizens of the US and other countries. But they all call themselves "Zionists."

In this last segment of a three part interview Pastor Carl Gallups of the PPSimmons Youtube Ministry, author of the best-selling book "The Magic Man in the Sky; Effectively Defending the Christian Faith," explains the true meaning of the word "Zionism," and tells us who is, and who is not, a true Zionist.

Pastor Gallups also lays to rest, hopefully once and for all, the mystery of the identity of the "Synagogue of Satan," by explaining the origin of the phrase and the context in which it is used in the Bible.

"Uncommon Valor is a Common Virtue"- Admiral Chester A Nimitz
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Carl Gallups (PPSimmons) Interview
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