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 More Video Evidence Obama Guarded By Shape-shifting Demons

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PostSubject: More Video Evidence Obama Guarded By Shape-shifting Demons   Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:41 pm

Quote :
As events in the world grow stranger with each passing day, with battle lines being drawn according to prophecy from several sources, not the least The Bible, the people of the planet Earth are going to have to become accustomed to seeing some very strange things on their television screens.

One popular theory is that a coming world government headed by the Antichrist will try to explain the disappearance of Christians who have been taken up in the Rapture with a fake alien invasion, with his own legions of fallen angels plating the role of extraterrestrial space aliens.

Some believe that Barack Obama is being guarded by these demonic entities right now, masquerading as humans by shapeshifting from their true form; but sometimes their fa├žade fails, and the result is captured by television cameras. In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, we will take a look at one such event

"Uncommon Valor is a Common Virtue"- Admiral Chester A Nimitz
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More Video Evidence Obama Guarded By Shape-shifting Demons
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