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 Gun control activists turn bloody with graphic details of Sandy Hook

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Gun control activists turn bloody with graphic details of Sandy Hook Empty
PostSubject: Gun control activists turn bloody with graphic details of Sandy Hook   Gun control activists turn bloody with graphic details of Sandy Hook EmptyThu Apr 11, 2013 10:53 pm

All I really have to say about this is to repeat what I have already been saying for quite some time. They will not stop until they have our guns and they will use whatever means needed to do so as seen here in this article.


Quote :
Frustrated gun control proponents are determined to pass stricter gun laws, but they increasingly turn to graphic depictions of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting to push forward their agenda.

“I walked the halls where these unspeakable acts took place,” Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday during a gun control speech. “I saw the dried blood on the walls. I saw the horrific crime scene photos.”

It appears that Holder believes that the acts themselves are "unspeakable" but not the gory details of the aftermath.

Neither does Vice President Joe Biden, who implemented a graphic approach while making the case for more gun control laws since the beginning of the debate.

“There is nothing that has gone to the heart of the matter more than the image people have of little 6-year-old kids riddled – not shot, but riddled, riddled – with bullet holes in their classroom,” Biden said on January 10 just a few weeks after the shooting occurred.

Later in February, Biden upped the graphic content in his depiction of the crime scene.

“Twenty innocent babies riddled with bullet holes,” Biden told the National Association of Attorneys General in Washington, D.C., in February recapping the atrocities. “Were the press not here, I could tell you — it’s not public yet — about how gruesome it was.”

Even President Obama insisted earlier this week that it was time for Americans to protect children from getting “gunned down” in school.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein has tried to demonstrate the graphic nature of semi-automatic weapons as much as possible – in her failing crusade to pass an assault weapons ban.

During one Senate hearing, Feinstein featured a doctor sympathetic to her views on gun control, that actually treated some of the Sandy Hook victims.

“Can you describe the kinds of wounds and the number of bullets in these small bodies?” asked Feinstein.

The doctor admitted that because of privacy rules, he was not allowed to describe the graphic details.

Feinstein persuaded him to explain in theory what an assault rifle bullet would do to the body of a small child, and showed a video in the hearing showing an imploding bullet in a block of flesh-like substance.

Later on CNN, Feinstein defended her position highlighting her own graphic experiences with gun violence.

“When you come from where I’ve come from … when you found a dead body and put your finger in bullet holes, you really realize the impact of weapons,” she explained on CNN.

CNN’s Piers Morgan has frequently tried to keep the most graphic details of the massacre in the headlines – heavily promoting gun control laws at the same time.

Hosting Connecticut law officials on his show, Morgan asked them to describe their horrific experience of Sandy Hook to persuade his viewers to be sympathetic.

“You had to walk into that school and find the bodies of 26 people, including 20 young schoolchildren between 6 and 7 years old who had been slaughtered by Adam Lanza and his AR-15 assault rifle,” Morgan began. “Take me back to that day. For those who perhaps have already moved on, who don’t think it was a tipping point in this debate – What did you see that day? What do you feel about it now?”

Morgan also hosted liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, who called for one of the Sandy Hook parents to release photos of their dead child.

“If people could see at close range what those bullets out of a Bushmaster do to a little child’s body, that would be the end of Harry Reid and the so-called gun debate,” Moore insisted. “We would have laws we need in this country within a month.”

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Gun control activists turn bloody with graphic details of Sandy Hook
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