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 Huge Explosion Near Waco TX - 66 dead /Hundreds Injured!

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PostSubject: Huge Explosion Near Waco TX - 66 dead /Hundreds Injured!   Thu Apr 18, 2013 4:17 pm

Per VampyFox request that I post news:

Huge explosion 90 miles South of Austin at a Power Plant, North of Waco
8pm Wednesday, April 17th. Houses set on fire, evacuations, 66 dead and hundreds injured!!
This is where I am looking and listening to the terrible news!

Pretty sure this explosion was at a fertilizer plant . Also read earlier that there is a retirement or nursing home nearby that has patients/or residents' lives in jeopardy...
God help them ... and this country...remember to be in prayer!

Uncle is in the hospital .. (say one for him too) : I am not up on the news today, so if someone can add to, or update, this would be most appreciated!

"Sola Juvat Virtus"
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Huge Explosion Near Waco TX - 66 dead /Hundreds Injured!
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