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 MORE Weird Hail Storm -May 5, 2013, Franklin Co. , Winchester, TN

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PostSubject: MORE Weird Hail Storm -May 5, 2013, Franklin Co. , Winchester, TN   Tue May 07, 2013 11:11 am

Wanted to report another weird weather experience . What is with the weather??!! Wild stuff going on!

Winchester , TN has an annual Dogwood Festival event which was happening over the wkend. My sisters and I , who live in different towns, decided to meet there at a mexican restaurant as it was Cinco De Mayo day ya know Smile...

Anyway, we were seated near the front by the big glass windows. I had glanced out and noticed the dark clouds and what appeared to be a funnel cloud, asked if we were supposed to be under tornado watch or what . They said no it was just to rain that day and maybe expect a little hail with the storm. I commented and told them that it looked like a funnel cloud. Well after a bit, the hail started hitting the roof. It was crazy hard . Looked back out the window and have never seen the likes of hail in my life , thick hail, LOTS and hardest ever falling. I really was thinking maybe we were having tornado but was assured it we were not under any warnings. Kept watching and this hail continued for over 15 minutes straight - and it looked like a blanket of snow had fallen, covering the rooftops fully, parking lot, and roads in no time flat ...

I have more to report and will post more links - interrupted again ..but will be back to finish.

Guess I am going to have to become a meteorologist to understand these things.haha. I had never heard of clouds with cold funnels until this happened.

The direction of the hail changed a few times upon viewing as the front was trapped, circling around ...Had never witnessed such in my life. Other family members had been at the festivities when this came, so they decided to head home. South of the town square, it got so bad that they couldn't determine where the roads were located, resulting in their running off into a ditch. When driver got out, he was waist high in hail ... Thankfully, noone was hurt and vehicle was ok.

The day started with the temperature in the 60's but ended with being able to see your blown breath.

Some of the hail was larger than penny sized and was 6 inches thick & still standing 24 hours later.

Sorry I didn't have a camera but there are plenty of photos to be seen online. There are probably more links than the ones posted here but this will give you the idea!

Again, wild experience!
More photos:
EMA Director Says He’s Never Seen Anything Like It

Though there’s still mixed feelings on whether or not Global Warming is to blame for the weird weather patterns in recent years, most Franklin Countians will all agree that the thunderstorm Sunday afternoon, May 5 in Winchester was pretty strange.


About 4:45 p.m., according to Franklin County’s Emergency Management Agency director Eric Trussell, a storm front came in and dumped a large amount of hail in downtown Winchester and surrounding areas.

“The storm was right on top of Winchester at that time,” Trussell said. “I estimate about three-and-a-half to four-inches of hail was accumulated.”

Those who were out when the hailstorm hit reached for their cell phones to capture pictures of what looked to be snow covering roadways, parking lots and yards. Some amazing photos were taken of the Winchester Square, which is believed to have been the recipient of the bulk of the ice.

Checking in with meteorologist Brian Carcione with the National Weather Service out of Huntsville, Ala., on Monday morning, he reported an estimated three-inches of hail fell that ranged from pea-to-dime-sized, coming so fast it was one-to-two-inches deep.

Carcione said, “Obviously it looked like a snow storm from the photos people sent to us with most of it falling in the downtown Winchester area.”

He said it is not unusual for hail to be concentrated in a specific area.

“That particular storm moved from the South to the central part of the county and then almost down to Jerico—this storm was a little unusual due to a large area of low pressure making the storm just meander around as it was caught up in an upper level cell. There may be a little more rain Tuesday, but by Wednesday these storms should be off in the Carolinas.”

He reported a weekend total of 4.12-inches of precipitation through Monday morning.

Though a weird experience, Franklin County residents stayed safe through the storm. Trussell mentioned Franklin County EMA hasn’t heard many reports of damage or trees down.

“I only know of one accident in which a car slid off into a ditch due to the ice on the roadways,” he said.

Trussell did add he’s spoken to older residents who’ve lived in Franklin County all their lives, and they say this was one of oddest weather occurrences here to date.

“They’ve never seen anything like it, and even I’ve never seen anything like the weather pattern we had yesterday,” he said. “It was just very unusual.”

After Sunday’s sudden hailstorm, it still continued to rain throughout the evening and into Monday morning. As a result flooding in the area and some water over roadways, schools were closed for the day on Monday.
Source :

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MORE Weird Hail Storm -May 5, 2013, Franklin Co. , Winchester, TN
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