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Bob Powell
Bob Powell

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio is an exceptional law enforcement officer; a man of integrity, principles, and values. In addition to being exceptional, he is also the exception; yelling to the high heavens that we have been lied to, that the man occupying the White House has no right to be there. Precious few law enforcement officers are comfortable speaking out against the Tyranny that is being forced upon us by a Satanically inspired Globalist Elite hell-bent on destroying The Republic; but their number is growing daily.

Here is a comment that was left by a senior Deputy Sheriff in California on the episode titled, "Obama Institutes Slavery In US: A Plea To Law Enforcement." It's men like this that I count on to keep me and my family safe, who give me hope by letting me know that I'm not alone; that some of the guys out there with guns are the good guys.

Quote :
Bloviating Zeppelin July 9, 2012 9:01 PM

I am an Oathkeeper.

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I have been in LE for 40 years and still actively serve in my 60s.

I work for one of the largest sheriff department in California; my department is 2,000+ strong.

As a supervisor, I have the ability to influence those line deputies in my AO.

And trust me, I am doing so.

As an Oathkeeper, I serve not individuals nor individual administrations.

I serve my US Constitution and its concomitant Bill of Rights.

My Constitution is not a "work in progress" or a "living document." It is immured in paper and on various DC monuments IN STONE.

And I am spreading Oathkeepers far and wide, as far as I can to whomever I can.

There are still some of us who have a sense of history, industrial memory and place.

Some of us -- many of us -- will still do the right thing for the right reason at the right time.


If you are a Law Enforcement Officer, a member of the military or the National Guard, active duty or retired, who is unfamiliar with I would urge you to learn about the organization and join. Here is a video that sums up their position quite nicely.

Messages Received By TTiV From LEOs Bobby_10


The oath I swore when I enlisted in the Marine Corp has not been abrogated by time, or by my status as a civilian. There is no such thing as a "former" or "ex" Marine. When I die I will be a decomposing marine, but a Marine nevertheless. The same goes for my oath to defend The Republic and the Constitution; I will honor it to my grave.

An ever growing community of active and former military, police officers and firefighters, are joining Oathkeepers. The main idea of the organization is simple: To reaffirm the oaths we took to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign AND domestic; and to refuse to obey any orders that are unconstitutional, unlawful, and just plain wrong.

Joint us.

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Messages Received By TTiV From LEOs
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