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 Is FaceBook Now Being Utilized As A Tool To Stifle Political Dissidents?

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Is FaceBook Now Being Utilized As A Tool To Stifle Political Dissidents? Empty
PostSubject: Is FaceBook Now Being Utilized As A Tool To Stifle Political Dissidents?   Is FaceBook Now Being Utilized As A Tool To Stifle Political Dissidents? EmptyTue Jul 09, 2013 10:15 pm

To put it quite simply; Yes, they are. Over the last week or so I have heard of many facebook pages involved with the patriotism movement and pro American sites are being targeted by the staff at facebook. Today Uncle Sam's Misguided Children had their page taken down. That was a large page with over 600,000 followers, most of whom had some sort of Military affiliation. I went looking around facebook for myself and found all kinds of pages where Muslims are calling for the beheadings of all infidels and there are plenty of racist pages calling for violence over the Zimmerman trial but yet no matter how many times those sites are reported they still stand.

To me this is just more proof of our ever increasing criminal government. I knew it would only be a matter of time before Facebook would become another hand in the spy network of our 'Criminal In Chief'. With each day that passes the fema camp stories and DHS whistleblowers are beginning to sound more and more like they may be well on their way to becoming a reality. These pages are not being targeted because of violations of facebook's rules and regulations but due to the fact that they represent a view that is the opposite of what the Obama administration wants. They are going further with their plans to control all of the information in order to control all of the people.

I also believe by targeting the pages that they are they are deliberately trying to invoke civil unrest and civil disobedience across the country in order to gain further military control over "We The People".

The only thing I have left to say at this time is that things are really beginning to spiral out of control. The bad news just keeps coming and it is coming in so fast I cannot even keep up with it all. The America I learned about as a kid died along time ago. I think we owe it to the founders of this nation to do what we can to stop the tyrannical takeover of our once great nation.


Quote :
As I am sure you are all aware, Facebook is the largest organization to ever be a part of social media, information sharing, and a form of modern communication in history. Facebook is king and they are a tyrannical and oppressive one if you happen to be a conservative group, or even a conservative individual in some instances. Over the past month or so, Facebook, at the direction of their owner and administration, have been systematically targeting, attacking, discriminating against, and flat out shutting down conservative pages on Facebook, as well as individual accounts.

It started with Facebook removing the following pages: “Pissed Off Right-Wingers“, “Being Liberal Means Being A Hypocrite”, “The Conservative Insurgent”, “Ban Islam”, “Prepare To Take America Back”, and most notably as of today, our own page,“Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children”, who has over 600,000 followers, reaches over 2,000,000 people worldwide, that spawned this website, our columns, a radio show, fans and supporters all over the world, and helps spread the conservative message to at least half the population in this country that feel the same as we do, yet a concentrated attempt is being made to silence our voice.

Facebook’s actions in this situation is part of a larger problem in this country right now that is a trickle down effect of the mentality of the current administration in power in Washington D.C. Mark Zuckerberg is an open Obama supporter and Liberal. He and Facebook are engaged in the same type of behavior as the IRS when it comes to harassing and targeting conservative, Christian, Tea Party, and Patriot groups. It is the same behavior that we have seen from the Department of Justice targeting and harassing the free press and reporters in this country. The list goes on and on, but meanwhile, the typical double standard is in effect as always with the progressives, that being the idea that they are “tolerant” and “liberal” only within the context of spreading their message, ideas, thoughts, opinions, and attitudes, but the rest of us with different ideas, thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and values must be silenced at all costs, by any means necessary, especially if your message is a conservative one not supportive of Obama.

Folks, this is a wake up call, a rallying cry, and a message to the world that what is happening in this country is not only systematic and frightening, it is now blatant, overt, and aggressive. This type of behavior goes against everything our Founding Fathers stood for, the Constitution they wrote, and specifically our First Amendment Rights that they gave to us in the Bill of Rights, granting us the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press. You cannot systematically, openly, and intentionally silence over 600,000 like-minded people and their message, even if you do not agree with it, and say that you believe in any of the aforementioned American cornerstones which are the foundation of what this country is supposed to be all about. You cannot call yourself an American, at least not in the original meaning of the word.

Am I surprised by this? Sadly, I and many others are not, as we have been watching this type of behavior take root politically, socially, and media wise in the last few years, from the highest echelons of government, to the everyday man and woman on the street, silencing and attacking conservatives is very real, very aggressive movement by a group of people that supposedly love and invite different views, cultures, faiths, beliefs, opinions, and attitudes. That is not the truth about many liberals and their agenda, though. Any American that is capable of independent thought, critical thinking, and rational logic can see, regardless of your politics, faith, and values, that your fellow Americans that are conservative and not supportive of Obama, as is our right under the Constitution as Americans, are under attack. It is despicable, unjust, criminal, malevolent, insidious, unfair, evil, and as un-American as you can get.

Are we angry? Yes, we are. Are we outraged, concerned, sad, and scared about what is happening to our country? You bet we are. Will we be silent, give up, surrender, and quit, even under the pressure of very powerful forces? Never, absolutely not, under no circumstances will we and other like-minded Americans ever stop carrying the message until the life is gone from our bodies and the breath from our chests ceases. That message is one of individual civil liberties, dissent, freedoms, and the rights guaranteed to us regardless of how much another individual or organization disagrees with us. It is time for all of us in this country, and the world for that matter, even those of us that disagree severely, to say enough is enough, if you truly believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and all of the protections and rights provided to us under our articles of guaranteed freedoms. If they can do this to us, especially in such an openly hostile way, they can do it to anyone, and that is something you should keep in mind before you shrug your shoulders and disregard these words, though you might not agree with us and our movement.

You see, people, we are Veterans, Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Firefighters, Police, Farmers, Soon-To-Be Doctors, Lawyers, we are all of these things and more. We are but a few examples of millions of people and just a few individuals out of the many of the Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children Organization. We are America and We are You. We the People are the masters of our government and freedoms.

Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg, his cronies, and the socialist masters they serve disagree, and feel that they can make decisions for millions of us whether we like it or not. Just like Fidel Castro, just like Mao Zedong, just like Kim Jong-Il, just like Joseph Stalin, just like Adolph Hitler, just like Pol Pot, just like Kmher Rouge, just like every Communist/Fascist dictator before them, just like Barack Obama and his Liberal/Leftist supporters in society and in the government now. What’s next? Are you going to shoot 600,000 people, or more, to silence them when restricting the First Amendment through the media is no longer working for you?

Wake up, America, before you are suffocated in your sleep.

Sincerely, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

Semper Fi

"Uncommon Valor is a Common Virtue"- Admiral Chester A Nimitz
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Is FaceBook Now Being Utilized As A Tool To Stifle Political Dissidents?
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