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 Cops Taser, Kill Elderly Ex-Marine Whose Life-Aid Alert Called 9-1-1 (Video)

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Cops Taser, Kill Elderly Ex-Marine Whose Life-Aid Alert Called 9-1-1 (Video) Empty
PostSubject: Cops Taser, Kill Elderly Ex-Marine Whose Life-Aid Alert Called 9-1-1 (Video)   Cops Taser, Kill Elderly Ex-Marine Whose Life-Aid Alert Called 9-1-1 (Video) EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 1:27 am

WTF was wrong with these guys? Here's an excerpt from the WPIX-TV article. The video is found at the source link.

Quote :
There are new calls for justice in the case of an unarmed, 68-year-old Marine veteran shot and killed by local police. Officers from White Plains fatally shot Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr. in the entry of his apartment in the Winbrook public housing project in downtown White Plains last November 19th. They had said that he'd posed a threat to officers, but evidence that's emerged since then shows otherwise. What's also emerged is a grassroots movement of some 200,000 people calling for a thorough investigation.

"I know if the situation were reversed, my father would be here saying he wants justice for me," Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr. said to PIX11 News about why he is doggedly pursuing the case of the Tasering and fatal shooting of his father by police who had been called to provide aid to the senior Chamberlain.

He was not only a former Marine, but also a retired corrections officer who had accidentally rolled onto a life-aid pendant he'd worn in his sleep. The move alerted a call center, which in turn asked police to check on Chamberlain. When cops knocked, around 5:09 A.M., Chamberlain told them he was fine. He refused, however, to open the door.

And if killing an innocent old man who had given this country a life of service wasn't had enough, the cop that killed him gets off scot-free.

Quote :
No Trial For White Plains Cop Who Killed Elderly Marine Vet
A Westchester County grand jury cleared the White Plains police officer who shot and killed a 68-year-old retired Marine inside his apartment, officials announced Thursday.

The family slammed the decision as a “blatant cover up” and said it would request a Justice Department investigation.

Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore called the killing of Kenneth Chamberlain “a tragedy on many levels” — but not a crime.

“After due deliberation on the evidence presented in this matter, the grand jury found that there was no reasonable cause to vote an indictment,” she said.

What kind of a world do we live in when one man, or in this case up to 12 men, can take the life of another and nothing is done about it? When justice isn't even sought? It's this kind of thing, that is happening with ever-increasing frequency, that makes people distrust police officers. Even when you're the victim, you might get shot.

Man, that just breaks my heart.


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Cops Taser, Kill Elderly Ex-Marine Whose Life-Aid Alert Called 9-1-1 (Video)
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