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 Police, Deputies, Troopers To March On D.C. Sept. 9th; Kokesh May Be Charged With Armed Sedition.

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PostSubject: Police, Deputies, Troopers To March On D.C. Sept. 9th; Kokesh May Be Charged With Armed Sedition.   Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:46 pm

Quote :
United States Park Police, and units from the Herndon Va. Police Department conducted an armed raid on the home of Anarchist activist Adam Kokesh late Tuesday evening after he had posted a Youtube video that appeared to show him loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza, just two blocks away from the White House.

Officers serving a search warrant kicked in the door of the rented single-family home and threw in flash bang grenades, subduing several occupants and arresting Kokesh on two felony charges unrelated to his 22 second protest on the 4th of July at Freedom Plaza. Kokesh was charged with possession of a Schedule One controlled substance, stated in court papers to be hallucinogenic mushrooms, and possession of a controlled substance while in possession of a firearm. If convicted on both counts, Kokesh faces up to 12 years in prison; 10 for possessing the mushrooms and 2 more on the weapons charge.

The investigation into his Independence Day stunt is continuing, and more felony charges could very well be added to Kokesh's list of offenses. By his own reckoning, as relayed to talk show host Alex Jones, by loading a shotgun in public in the District of Columbia, Kokesh committed at least four additional felonies and could face more than 20 additional years in prison. According to the Next News Network, a deputy sheriff at Kokesh's hearing told him that he may also be charged with "armed sedition."

Kokesh is not the only person unhappy with the way the government is conducting The People's business, and where he failed to accomplish anything but get arrested, several other groups plan to hold protests in Washington D.C. in the first week of September; one such group is led by sworn law enforcement officers.

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Police, Deputies, Troopers To March On D.C. Sept. 9th; Kokesh May Be Charged With Armed Sedition.
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