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 Perseids are peaking.

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PostSubject: Perseids are peaking.   Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:43 pm

Last night was the peak for this, one of the greatest shows that the night sky puts on a year. We had clouds rolling in all day and now have rain and thick clouds that most likely won't clear up so I have missed the best of it but there will still be more trickling in in the days to come. I also saw a few the night before last. So get out and take a look tonight if you have clear skies.

Quote :
PERSEID METEOR SHOWER UPDATE: The Perseid meteor shower is peaking. Last night, international observers counted as many as 75 Perseids per hour from dark sky sites, a rate that could be surpassed tonight as Earth passes through the densest part of the comet debris stream. The best time to look is during the dark hours between midnight and dawn. [photo gallery] [meteor radar]

NASA's All-Sky Fireball Network has recorded dozens of Perseid fireballs over the southern USA. Astronomer Bill Cooke, who manages the network, plotted their orbits in this diagram of the inner solar system:

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Perseids are peaking.
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