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 White House knew as early as 2010 millions would lose health plans under ObamaCare

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PostSubject: White House knew as early as 2010 millions would lose health plans under ObamaCare   Tue Oct 29, 2013 10:47 am

Not that this should surprise anyone, or at least not the TTIV viewers but it appears that our commander in chief did in fact out right lie to the American people about his health care overhaul. Most of us knew he was lying way back when he first said all this garbage. But the Obama drones would not listen and many of them are still delusional enough to think that Mr. Obama has good intentions. There are many liberals and democrats that are beginning to wake up and see the truth but it is almost too late as freedom and the American dream are being flushed down the toilet.


Quote :
Conservative commentator Marc Thiessen accused President Obama of a “bold-faced lie” Monday after Fox News confirmed the White House knew as early as 2010 that over 10 million people would lose their current doctor under ObamaCare.

Megyn Kelly reported Monday on “The Kelly File” that an IRS regulation pushed by the Department of Health and Human Services in 2010 estimated that millions would be unable to keep their health insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act.

Thiessen told Kelly he believes the Obama administration intended for people to lose their current health insurance, despite Obama’s repeated claims that “if you like your plan, you can keep it.”

“The smoking gun is there in your hand," he said, referring to Kelly’s copy of the IRS form. "Look, they knew."

He claimed the administration needs these Americans to move into the ObamaCare exchanges to subsidize the law for those who cannot afford health insurance.

However, Thiessen said the White House did not prepare for the issues with the law’s website, which are creating a situation where not only will Americans get dumped from their health insurance plan, they will be unable to buy a new one.

“What the unanticipated consequence of this they’re pushing all these millions of people out of the health care that they liked into ObamaCare, except the people can’t get into ObamaCare,” he said.

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White House knew as early as 2010 millions would lose health plans under ObamaCare
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