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I guess all I have to say about this is that it is yet another example of the ignorant Liberal left wing propaganda making up others minds for them and instilling fear where it is not needed. Liberalism is killing our country and our society as a whole. And when are people going to realize that facebook is a direct link of the liberal controlled government?


Quote :
An Army veteran in Georgia has not only been told to stay away from her daughter’s school, where she’d been volunteering regularly in the past, but she has been served with a trespass notice, making any visit to the school she makes a crime.

The veteran, Tanya Mount, who lives in Hephzibah, Ga., says the school’s principal, Janina Dallas decided to have the ban put in place and the notice served, after she, Mount, posted a picture of her concealed carry permit on Facebook. She says the principal of the school is afraid of guns.

In regard to the situation, Mount posted on her Facebook, “I am a private person. However, after serving OUR country, it is my DUTY to make sure that our lives are not infringed upon. However, do it all within the confinements of the LAW, I am a law-abiding citizen.” She also said later that she plans to consult an attorney.

The school system allegedly told Mount that she has permission to transfer her daughter to another school inside the district if she isn’t happy.

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