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 A "Tactical" Vest Is Not Legal In AR.

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PostSubject: A "Tactical" Vest Is Not Legal In AR.   Sat Nov 23, 2013 12:46 am

Not a bullet proof vest, or one that is used to transport nukes. It was just a multi-pocket, black vest. I was arrested a while back, and the police took guns, a police scanner, and a vest that I bought on amazon. I have a range, and I would use the vest in place of a table, cause I did not have a table set up. I would hold mags in the vest, and a box or two of ammunition. This is the vest:
We had to get a court order to get our stuff back. Only the judge would not do it unless we hired an attorney. So we did, and when we got our order from the attorney, he informed us that the judge says we can not have the vest back. This kind of stuff is why I hired the attorney? I guess not. I was not sighted any law that says a "tactical" vest is not legal. They just said "tactical" was the magic word. Little did they know, they are being foolish and giving the theft away. The reason I say is that one or the firearms is a 995TS. TS = tactical stock. Did I get robbed by the so called "justice system"? It sure seems like it.
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A "Tactical" Vest Is Not Legal In AR.
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