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This is not the first time that we have heard of this happening nor will it be the last. This is just another step in the dismantling of America as we know it. They are trying to turn active duty military personnel against us. The worst part is that from what I have been told by my own friends who are still on active duty is that there are many who have no problem receiving briefs of this nature. The Apathy that runs throughout our society of civilians is also strong in the lower ranks of the military. We have seen the Obama administration purging the top brass because they most likely would not comply with the admins stance on our military. It has become clear that if you appose the Liberal, Socialist agenda that the President and his administration will use any means needed to squander your beliefs and to silence all opposition.

So they are still at the point of trying to brainwash the troops to automatically think and believe that we Patriotic, God Fearing Americans are the enemy when in fact the true enemy our Military forces should be focusing on is the ones in the Whitehouse, and in Congress who have left the American way behind and are now bringing tyranny forth.


Quote :
We’ve written here before about the Obama Pentagon’s repeated challenges to Christians within its ranks. The latest chapter in this ongoing siege occurred when soldiers attending a pre-deployment briefing at Fort Hood were warned that evangelical Christians and Tea Party members were a terrorist threat to America. Moreover, they were told, if they donated to those groups, they could be subject to punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

News about this attack on troops’ freedom of religion and freedom of association and freedom of (non-public) political speech, not to mention attacks against people who ordinarily do not vote Democrat, came to light when a soldier who attended the October 17 briefing contacted Todd Starnes, of Fox News, after the event to tell him about the Pentagon’s war on Americans.

According to Starnes’ source, “the counter-intelligence agent in charge of the meeting spent nearly a half hour discussing how evangelical Christians and groups like the American Family Association were “’tearing the country apart.’” The soldier has since sought advice from Michael Berry, an attorney for the Liberty Institute, who is investigating the claim.

Berry, who is a former Marine Corps JAG officer, told Starnes, “The American public should be outraged that the U.S. Army is teaching our troops that evangelical Christians and Tea Party members are enemies of America, and that they can be punished for supporting or participating in those groups.” It seems apropos to point out here that the IRS also mounted a direct attack on the Tea Party, and quite arguably tipped the election to Obama by using its extraordinary power to muzzle Obama’s political opposition.

Unsurprisingly, the soldier who gave the information to Starnes fears reprisal. Despite the way in which the military appears to be turning on him, he still supports the military and wants to continue to serve. That’s why he’s concerned for his future. “My first concern was if I was going to be in trouble going to church,” he told Starnes. “Can I tithe? Can I donate to Christian charities? What if I donate to a politician who is a part of the Tea Party movement?”

Another soldier who attended the same briefing alerted the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty about the anti-Christian, anti-Tea Party sentiments. “I was very shocked and couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” the soldier said. “I felt like my religious liberties, that I risk my life and sacrifice time away from family to fight for, were being taken away.”

At the same briefing, the troops were told that being pro-Life is another form of radicalism against which they should guard. We don’t know about you, but we actually think it’s a good thing if our troops have a reverence for human life. That means that, while they recognize that they may be called upon to kill for their country, they do not undertake that task lightly. In this regard, they differ greatly from the Islamists who delight in destroying human life. And speaking of Islamists. . . .

Both of the soldiers who raised concerns about the meeting noted that barely a word was said about Islam. Thus, even as the military goes out of its way to pretend that Islam isn’t tied to anti-American, anti-Christian, and anti-Jewish terrorism, Christian troops are worried that the military brass have finally found a religion they’re comfortable attacking.

The soldier who spoke to the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty was particularly sensitive to this peculiar pro-Islamic, anti-Christian institutional bias. “Our community is still healing from the act of terrorism brought on by Nidal Hasan – who really is a terrorist. This is a slap in the face. The military is supposed to defend freedom and to classify the vast majority of the military that claim to be Christian as terrorists is sick.”

Having stated the above, it’s important to note that Fort Hood’s command is denying that anything anti-Christian or anti-Tea Party occurred at the base. Tom Rheinlander, the public affairs director for Fort Hood sent out an official statement in which he asserted that “The allegations you are asking about were brought to the attention of the Fort Hood leadership immediately and a (sic) inquiry is occurring. At this time, initial information gathered about the training and what you claim occurred is not substantiated by unit leadership and soldiers present at this training venue.”

Rheinlander’s denial would have more credibility if this was the first charge leveled against Obama’s Pentagon regarding its anti-Christian bias. In fact, there are numerous stories, many well-documented, about military attacks on Christianity and traditional Judeo-Christian principles.

It’s time to get new leadership in the Pentagon. What our troops need to do is to hold out for another three years. And what we need to do is vote. It’s no use just complaining if you don’t like what’s going on. You have act and, in this case, acting means voting.

When 2016 rolls around, if another Democrat gets elected, our military will officially be transformed into an atheist, feminist, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, question, and pacifist organization that volunteers its services to al Qaeda. (And yes, we know that this an exaggeration, but we’re trying to make a point here.) Don’t whine; vote.

"Uncommon Valor is a Common Virtue"- Admiral Chester A Nimitz
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