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 The Beautiful Truth - Gerson Cancer Cure

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PostSubject: The Beautiful Truth - Gerson Cancer Cure   The Beautiful Truth - Gerson Cancer Cure EmptyWed Jul 30, 2014 2:07 am

Rick Simpson tell us about his goal to help people heal themselves using hemp oil to cure cancer and other diseases. We also hear many testimonies of the possitive effects of hemp oil and we get a glimpse of the struggle to fight the system that constantly tries to stop this natural medicine. These clips are from the movie "Run From The Cure - The Rick Simpson Story" from 2008.

Cancer can only manifest if we forget the true nature of who we really are. That is if we don't live our lives the way that is best for us, that is true to us and if we keep doing that for too long. It's not our fault it's come to this. We have been deceived and deluded from the truth about who we really are. We just have to remember! We are doing that right now all over the planet.

More movies containing information on curing cancer:

The Beautiful Truth - Gerson Cancer Cure
David Icke in Melbourne 2009 DVD2 - Salvestrol Cancer Cure
Gregg Braden - Language of the Divine Matrix - Emotion Technology Cancer Cure
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PostSubject: Re: The Beautiful Truth - Gerson Cancer Cure   The Beautiful Truth - Gerson Cancer Cure EmptyTue Sep 16, 2014 9:52 pm

I was sick and went to a raw food diet such a gerson. I found it on the net and did not even know I was it was the gerson therapy at the time. I also used caisse's tea or essiac tea it's the same thing. It is most effective if you grind it fine and when you take it stir it up to get the the bits and pieces.Take out the 2 or 4 ounces then add that amount of boiling hot water. More effective this way much more! Gives it a good kick. I buy or bought from starwest botanical and ground it down in a $20 dollar coffee grinder from walmart.

Today you should also check out this man Jim Humble. Today with all these resistant bacteria and incurable viruses or hard to kill viruses his method is a must to have. I used this at first to get my system going mms1 first then mms2. Helped a lot most likely saved my butt. A friend of mine used it to get rid of Hep C. first it took her count way down then it was undetectable but came back she went back on with the 12 hour protocol and it was gone for good.You take it every hour for 12 hours. I think she was doing it every hour she was awake. The longer you keep it in your system the more effective it is.Your try to catch the replication cycle.

My cousin in-law used the Rick Simpson method for his lung.This seemed to work best for lung or so he thought. I used it on my skin worked.I don't know if it was cancer but used it anyway and the little black mole's or spots went away.I wasn't taking any chances.
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The Beautiful Truth - Gerson Cancer Cure
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