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 Deadly alive

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Deadly alive  Empty
PostSubject: Deadly alive    Deadly alive  EmptyMon Sep 15, 2014 5:46 pm

The grey curtain rising down…
I had a choice…
be on stage, o background corner
Would I use my opportunity to last?
Have I ever thought such moment would come?

Making memory
nothing to go back for, nothing to feel pain for
All I had was happiness and sorrow
Was my best
Have I ever thought if there might be something else, something further, anything to forget?

I am smiling, not with my face
I might cry, not for my past
I am thinking, what else to last for, or not for at all…
Tided to a tree with roots that dance a gipsy song
I fly above the roof of the Theater, and seek for someone’s nest.

Dying, in an imaginational discovery
I am deciding to follow, or to became the only tower, for my days
I am sighting, such a real, supposed memory of the future:
Further, curly, burning, stunning…
all of it in my feet, all of it to believe, in those…
I don’t know yet.

The Big Theater shuts down all lights of color
and after those the black and whites shuts down alone
The Big Theater still there, untouchable, as a purple stone
the Theater that so long, so long I was trying to cross edge to edge
is whispering, in unknown language, a never heard song
because of my choice, the one I had, and the choice, I keep, unforgotten, in my voice.

PD/Excuses for my written english mistakes. Thanks!
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Deadly alive
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