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 What not to do in a firefight with the Taliban.

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PostSubject: What not to do in a firefight with the Taliban.   Sun Sep 30, 2012 12:24 am

This video is being played and posted all over the internet and people are crying extroadinary hero. This is just not the case. Myself along with many other combat vets who have been in similar situations know that this kid did just about everything wrong. He purposly exposed himself without the need and walked aimlessley over a hill while under open fire. He also did not even aim to hit any targets when hi did fire. He just popped off rounds aimlessly at the apposing hillside. Now I know we weren't there but I have been in much worse situations and I don't understand his actions at all. I can only sum this up to being ARMY boys due to their lack of tactical knowledge and application of said knowledge. I hope this kid learned his lesson and maybe next time he will keep his cool and think a little smarter.

"Uncommon Valor is a Common Virtue"- Admiral Chester A Nimitz
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What not to do in a firefight with the Taliban.
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