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 A proposal for next summer.[March On D.C]

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PostSubject: A proposal for next summer.[March On D.C]   Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:45 pm

Now I know this is the year of prophecy and all but I would like to propose a challenge to all for the summer of next year. I would like to propose a march on Washington D.c by Veterans and all members of the 'alternative community' who are apposed to what is happening in our country. My best case scenario goal would be to have over 2 million people present for the event. This is something that will take some planning and mostly spreading the word. I think if we start now we may be able to pull it off. The result of the coming elections may just be the push we need to organize such an event.

I post this here because Bob and a few of the other members have the skills to pull this off and I hope they will entertain the idea and pledge their support. I do believe that with enough of us we can at least have our voic heard by the american people. The same people that called upon us to sacrifice after the 9/11 attacks will support us if our voice is loud enough. We veterans and members of the alternative community have the power to enact change if we make ourselves heard. Just think what D.C would look like on July 4th 2013 if it were flooded with citizens calling for change. We can sucessfully and peacefully make this happen. We have the power.

I urge any and all who read this to support this idea and see what you yourself can do to help. I believe iff we start now we can make this happen. If we can choose a timeframe to do it we may be able to reserve busses around the country to have supports board to make the journey. I myself will begin to reach out to others who may help us acheive our goal. We as supporters of liberty and freddom and the constitution of the Unt=ited States owe it to those who are to blind to see to speaqk up and make our voics be heard. This is our chance to do so.

The truth is; I am fed up with our current state of society. Everywhere I turn I am burdened by the ignorance of others. The people of this land are so lost it hurts my very soul to look upon the citizens I call my fellow countrymen. I just want our voice to be loud enough to be heard by as many as it take. If you are reading this I am pleading with you to help make this happen. Maybe we could even set a guiness record for the largest veteran protest. I guess I am just asking; please help us take our country back. It can be done. If we embrace the patriotism we have been instilled with we shall overcome the obstacles ahead.

Semper Fi.

"Uncommon Valor is a Common Virtue"- Admiral Chester A Nimitz
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A proposal for next summer.[March On D.C]
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