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 New UN Ambassador Samantha Power Would Use "Genocide" As

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New UN Ambassador Samantha Power Would Use "Genocide" As  Empty
PostSubject: New UN Ambassador Samantha Power Would Use "Genocide" As    New UN Ambassador Samantha Power Would Use "Genocide" As  EmptyTue Jul 09, 2013 10:34 pm

Quote :
On June 5th, President Barack Hussein Obama nominated Irish-American Samantha Power to the position of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations despite her history of anti-Israeli statements and plans to deploy a "mammoth protection force" inside Israel in the event of a "genocide" being perpetrated on the Palestinians to protect them from Jewish aggression. While that might seem like an improbable scenario, it is worth noting that Israel is already being accused of perpetrating genocide every single day.

Power's nomination furthers Barack Obama's plan to surround Israel with hostile Islamist regimes with they hopes that they will do his dirty work and destroy the Jewish state. Over the past two years Obama has given money, training, weapons, and even air support to al-Qaeda terrorists across North Africa, from Tunisia to Egypt, and now in Syria; overthrowing one moderate government after another in favor of radical Islamists represented by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now that Israel's encirclement is almost complete, all that remains in Obama's plan to throw Israel to her enemies is to abandon them in the United Nations. That's where Samantha Power come in. The United States has historically stood behind Israel, vetoing every vote to condemn the Jewish state; until now.

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New UN Ambassador Samantha Power Would Use "Genocide" As
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