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 Why I Support Israel (And Why You Should Too)

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Why I Support Israel (And Why You Should Too)  Empty
PostSubject: Why I Support Israel (And Why You Should Too)    Why I Support Israel (And Why You Should Too)  EmptyTue Aug 13, 2013 2:41 pm

Quote :
In this episode of The Truth Is Viral host Bob Powell explains from both secular and religious viewpoints, Christian as well as Muslim, why everyone should support Israel's claim to the Holy Land as opposed to the murdering thugs at the helm of the Hamas government in Gaza in particular and Muslims in general.

An update on plans to be in Washington D.C. to tell Truth to Power on Sept. 9th is included at the end of this show.

For some reason I can not get the clickable links to take. I will get them fixed as soon as YT fixes this glitch.. In the meantime, simply search for the videos titles I mention. I apologize for any inconvenience. - Bobby

"Uncommon Valor is a Common Virtue"- Admiral Chester A Nimitz
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Why I Support Israel (And Why You Should Too)
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