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 SecState John Kerry's Full Statement On Syria

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SecState John Kerry's Full Statement On Syria Empty
PostSubject: SecState John Kerry's Full Statement On Syria   SecState John Kerry's Full Statement On Syria EmptyTue Dec 10, 2013 2:16 pm

Quote :
This is the official Obama administration position on Syria as of 8-30-13.

It made me sick to watch the lies this man was spewing, blaming Assad for the gas attacks when I was sitting right here in my living room watching the al-Qaeda terrorists that Barack Obama has been supporting do it. Don't believe me? Here, see for yourself:

Obama has been supplying these al-Qaeda scumbags with weapons and training them in Syria since flying them in from Libya after they'd murdered Gadaffi for him. Don't believe me? Watch this report I released on 9/11/11, days after Gadaffi was murdered. It's all common knowledge now, but I was way ahead of the curve two years ago.

I'm right now too. Obama is purposely supporting the terrorists, waffling on his "Red Line" because it was his own terrorists that were using chemical weapons, which have actually been given to them by Qatar; another one of Obama's scumbag water boys. Well now he just doesn't care what anyone thinks or how transparent his lies are.

Even the British won't support him, so Obama is going to go it alone. (What's France? Really?) He's going to attack a sovereign nation that has done nothing to us, because the terrorists that he sent in to do the job were getting their asses kicked by a Syrian Army using conventional weapons.

Will somebody with the authority please arrest this son of a bitch already before he starts World War III? Call your Senators and Congressmen and DEMAND that they call a special emergency session of Congress to deal with this murdering Tyrant; and no I'm not talking about Bashar al-Assad, I'm talking about Barack Hussein Obama.

"Uncommon Valor is a Common Virtue"- Admiral Chester A Nimitz
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SecState John Kerry's Full Statement On Syria
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