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 Coming Soon On TTiV: Exclusive Interview With CIA Whistleblower!

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Bob Powell

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PostSubject: Coming Soon On TTiV: Exclusive Interview With CIA Whistleblower!   Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:19 pm

Just wanted to get this out there, to get it on the record, just in case.

On the next new episode of TTiV, my special guest will be a CIA whistleblower (not Reza Kahlili) who has evidence that President Obama has been in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood and their ultimate puppet masters in Saudi Arabia since before he became President. As I have been saying all along, Obama has been directing the State Department and the US military to support the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda in order to surround Israel with hostile Islamist regimes. When these newly Islamofascist nations are ready, they will attack Israel and Obama will withhold support the Israelis will need; reneging on our treaty to defend Israel and leaving the Jewish state to twist in the wind.

Alone and about to be "wiped off the map," the Israelis are going to exercise the "Sampson Option." The Middle East is going to become a nuclear free-fire zone.

I'm almost positive this bastard is the Antichrist.

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Coming Soon On TTiV: Exclusive Interview With CIA Whistleblower!
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