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 Obama Has Pushed Out Another Marine Corps General.

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PostSubject: Obama Has Pushed Out Another Marine Corps General.   Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:18 pm

I think it is fair to say now that president Obama is clearly afraid of Marines. He knows they stand to be one of the biggest threats to his takeover and degradation of our rights. He also must know that Marines would be loyal to their units more than they ever would to him. He is pushing out the opposition. I fear the time for chaos is growing ever closer. How many more Marine and other commanders be pushed out before they reign down on the people? It's like they are playing a big chess game and are lining up their pieces just right to attack.


Quote :
Marine Gen. John Allen is planning to retire rather than be re-nominated for the powerful post of NATO supreme allied commander-Europe, after White House officials forced him to step aside, a source familiar with the discussions told Fox News on Wednesday.

The source told Fox that Allen was leery of getting into a confirmation battle that would dig into the embarrassing issue of his emails with Tampa socialite Jill Kelley, but the real reason was the White House power play.

“He’s out,” the source said. “I know he is retiring. He was pushed out of the door.”

The official Pentagon announcement is expected soon.

The source also said White House officials are optimistic that after a contentious battle, former Nebraska Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel will be confirmed shortly as Defense secretary, and he can help pick a new person for the post.

Previously, the White House was thought to be keeping the nomination open while Allen mulled whether to seek the post.

Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said earlier in the day that he told Allen on Tuesday that Allen needs to take time to decide what is best for him and his family.

Panetta also said the administration has “tremendous confidence” in Allen.

President Obama’s first nomination of Allen expired amid an investigation of the emails between Allen and Kelley, who was connected to a scandal involving then-CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus. Allen was cleared in the investigation. But the White House purportedly had to re-nominate Allen for the post.

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Obama Has Pushed Out Another Marine Corps General.
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