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 NRA: Massachusetts ‘abusing’ citizens by slow-walking gun license approval

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NRA: Massachusetts ‘abusing’ citizens by slow-walking gun license approval Empty
PostSubject: NRA: Massachusetts ‘abusing’ citizens by slow-walking gun license approval   NRA: Massachusetts ‘abusing’ citizens by slow-walking gun license approval EmptyMon Dec 02, 2013 1:48 pm

Pay close attention because this is one of the many goals of adding licensing or registration to but firearms nationwide. Just as they are back door gun controlling by using the EPA to close all lead smelters in the us( Last on to close this month) in order to control ammunition availability they will also use paperwork and procedure delays to deny a persons natural law right to self defense. The current regime knows that they cannot pull off a full blown confiscation without conflict so they are using every available resource other than that to continue a slow drawn out campaign of disarmament. To all those who may be living in a state where these totalitarian laws have gone in to effect it is time to go somewhere where our rights are still being upheld. I am surprisingly proud that Michigan has stood tall against any and all further gun control action. In fact our state is becoming more firearm friendly with each day that passes.


Quote :
A National Rifle Association affiliate says Massachusetts is "abusing" law-abiding citizens by delaying the issuance of firearm licenses beyond the time frame outlined by state law.

The Gun Owners Action League (GOAL), which represents 16,000 members in Massachusetts and is the official state affiliate of the NRA, reports that many people applying for licenses have been experiencing long delays.

GOAL Executive Director Jim Wallace said the average time for obtaining a license is currently six months. That leaves many Massachusetts residents waiting much longer than the state law requires.

According to state law, an applicant will be notified within 40 days of either approval or denial of the license.

Chapter 140, Section 131 of Massachusetts' General Law states, "The licensing authority shall, within 40 days from the date of application, either approve the application and issue the license or deny the application and notify the applicant of the reason for such denial in writing; provided, however, that no such license shall be issued unless the colonel has certified, in writing, that the information available to him does not indicate that the possession of a firearm or large capacity firearm by the applicant would be in violation of state or federal law."

Wallace said GOAL now has close to 1,000 reports of long delays by residents.

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NRA: Massachusetts ‘abusing’ citizens by slow-walking gun license approval
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