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 The Most Important Lesson From The 2012 Fiasco

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PostSubject: The Most Important Lesson From The 2012 Fiasco   Sat Dec 22, 2012 11:37 pm

OK, so I have been waiting a long time to write this. Now that the 21st has passed and we are all still here I believe this message is more important now than ever. So here it is.

Nobody, Nothing, and no higher force is going to save humanity from it's own downfalls.

We as human beings are responsible for our own actions. Therefore we are responsible for our own futures. No aliens are going to save us. Would you save us if you were an advanced race? I wouldn't. No spiritual transformation saved us either. No disclosure came about giving the people more power. People, if we want to see change in this world then we must bring it about ourselves. We have to come together as a people in order to advance our species. The elite around the world keep trying to divide and conquer us. For many years it has been working. Right now in America they are hard at work dividing us over the second amendment to our constitution. The more divided we become the more power the elites gain over us.

By now it is clear that they want to get the guns out of our hands here in America. All we have to do is look to history to see what happens when a populace allows themselves to be disarmed. The thing about our constitution and our bill of rights here is that we have a strong amendme4nt to protect them all. If we lose the second amendment not only do we lose the right to protect ourselves but we also lose the ability to protect the remaining rights that we have been granted by said constitution.

Ladies and Gentlmen, we must band together if we wish to gain peace for our civilization. It is time to put the prophecies behind us and begin to focus on the issues that affect our very lives. We must stand up to the elites and tell them we will not be ruled. We will live as free human beings and we will not let them dictate the tempo of this world any longer. Lets take the focus so many have put into the 2012 myths and make something positive out of it. Let us unite with the common cause of freedom.

Here in America we have been losing freedoms ever since 9/11. Most of those freedoms have been given away by the American public in the name of safety. We must not let it continue. We must stand in the face of tyyrrany no matter how painfull and no matter the sacrifice. We must rebel against the status quo of this world. We must do so in a peaceful manner. Violence is only nessasary if in the defense of yourself or innocent people. Violence is and always will be a last resort.

People we can change this world for the better. We can regain control. It is not impossible. The time is now for us to work together. Spread knowledge to those who will listen. Raise the bullshit flag when needs be. Just please stop sitting around and waiting for someone or something else to do our dirty work. We are all equally responsible for the postition we find ourselves in. It is time to wake up and it is time to act.

"Uncommon Valor is a Common Virtue"- Admiral Chester A Nimitz
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The Most Important Lesson From The 2012 Fiasco
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